8 Reasons to Hate the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga !

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

There is a lot of mixed love and hate for the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and there is the news of 10,000+ bookings already within 5 days. While everyone will tell you why to buy the Ertiga – here is a list of why you shouldn’t buy it:

  1. You want more versatility of seating and luggage than what is present in a small footprint – and not necessarily need 7 seats – go buy the Honda Jazz
  2. You want a vehicle with a lot of first and second row leg room and boot space – go buy the Nissan Sunny !
  3. You want a vehicle with great quality in and out, premium brand and luxury feel – go buy something from Mercedes or Audi or BMW
  4. You want a 7-seater primarily for highway use and want to carry luggage for all 7 along with you all the time – better get the Toyota Innova and a roof rack and maybe even a trailer
  5. You want a rugged off roader that will carry 7 people and go off-road – go buy the Mahindra Thar or build up one from an Army disposal MM550 ;-).
  6. You have a family of giants (both tall and wide) – the Ertiga will be too small for you – go buy the Tata Winger/Force Traveller !
  7. You want the laser edge of technology and features – you should have been already in line for the Mahindra XUV500.
  8. You want to take the vehicle to the race track and are particular about cornering and response – go buy the New Ford Fiesta

22 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Hate the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga !”

    1. @fas – actually I do like the Ertiga – I have just listed the reasons why the Ertiga may not suit you. 🙂

  1. I like the trailer part!… however, I feel Ertiga is right compromise for all the features you’ve listed. You can’t buy all the cars listed above, one for each qualities, so buy Ertiga- has a mix of all these features

  2. Thanks Srinidhi – the Ertiga appeals to the head finally – but only if it suits a specific set of criteria.

  3. All the brands you said to get in your post here is my answers:

    1. Honda Jazz is not available in diesel.
    2. Nissan Sunny looks small in front of Ertiga and price is almost similar.
    3. If you can get me a 5 seater of BMW, Audi or Mercedes under 9 Lacs then I will buy it.
    4. Its basic enough model with Euro 4 costs more than 10 Lacs. Mileage is 10 kmpl. Why buy that bulky thing when you can achieve same with Ertiga ?!
    5. Thar has no roof, my luggage will get wet!
    6. Tata Winger is a bus type thing and 2ndly its a Tata.
    7. XUV costs 12+ Lacs, who will pay the 3-4L difference and then it has ASS and other niggling issues.
    8. Ford Fiesta ? New or Old ? Why spend so much on it when I can get all the answers in Ertiga ?

    There’s no match for it and its a perfect big car for middle class.


    1. Thanks Tapan. It really is difficult to hate the Ertiga – really :-). But one thing missing is “soul”.

  4. Every car is created with a customer segment in mind. Ertiga definitely suits the requirement of middle-class family who wants to keeps the TCO of owning a 7-seater car to the minimum.

    I have been driving Ertiga (Diesel) for more than a month now. Reasons why Ertiga’s target customer segment should buy Ertiga (Diesel):

    1. Very low running cost. I just did 1200 kms in a 4 day return trip to a hill station. Diesel cost = Rs. 3100. Mind that, of these 1200 kms more than 300 km driving was on Ghaats.

    2. You want a comfortable nice car for seating 6 people with luggage for trips like mine. The loner on last row has the company of an ice-box filled with drinks… 😛

    3. You are a corporate professional living in a Metro or a Tier 2 city. You want to own only one car, but a reasonably large family car, and still want to drive the same car to office everyday. I drive Ertiga to office everyday, definitely can’t do that with Innova, XUV, Scorpio etc.

    4. You want to graduate from a mid-size sedan to a large car, but don’t want to give up on the comfort of driving a sedan car in the city. Then go for Ertiga.

    5. You want to buy a diesel car in the 10 lac range, but still don’t want to hear the engine clatter of Vento, Etios, XUV (>10 lac). Then go for Ertiga. The globally famous Fiat 1.3 Multijet diesel engine has been refined nothing like even Fiat or Tata could achieve with it.

    6. You are not necessarily a brand buff and don’t want to burn holes in your pocket, while buying and driving a Merc, BMW and still want the peace of mind of hassle free ownership, then go with Maruti Suzuki’s legendary after sales service.

    7. In the end, I have only one word for Ertiga (Diesel) for the target segment. It’s a PRACTICAL car.

  5. I own Ertiga (Petrol)since April 2012. I am happy with its performance. Mileage is below 17 kmpl. Everything is good. You can’t buy a banana and expect it to taste like pineapple. Each has its unique taste. Therefore, Ertiga is purely an Ertiga it can’t be Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Etc.

  6. The guy who wrote the article has lost his brain somewhere or might be on opium dose.

    Apple can be compared with apple. Just tell any car about 10-11 lakhs has all the feaures what ertiga offering.

    1. Hi Alok – the post was written in pure sarcasm ! I too believe there is no other vehicle that has the versatility of the Ertiga in less than 11L. Also the post was meant to poke fun at those who need excuses not to buy it!

  7. Hi Sushil. I have posted a comment earlier but it didnt show up somehow. Love your sarcy sense of humour. 🙂 I got my Ertiga VDI last July. Have done about 9000 kms so far. Just love every bit of it. It gives me about 16 kmpl in city driving. I guess that’s ok for diesel. It has great comfort, a very good sound system for one that comes along with it and overall great value for money. My family just love it and none of my friends have called me stupid till now for choosing it. Before going for the Ertiga I had also considered the Sunny and the Skoda Rapid. I would add another reason why I would have not bought the Ertiga and that is if the delivery had gotten delayed any more than it was in my case. In fact if the delivery of the Ertiga had been extended for even a day (I had already waited for more than two months after booking) I would have brought home the Rapid. I am so glad now that I got a call from the Pasco Showroom in Gurgaon where I live the day before I was to settle for the Skoda, telling me that my car had arrived. I am now very happy to be a part of the growing number of proud Ertiga owners. 🙂

  8. My Ertiga VDI is about to complete 1 year on 21 Jun 2013 and till now have driven 13000km. The above 8 reasons are utter nonsense. Ertiga is one of the best products for Indian roads launched by Maruti. I got an average of 19+ km in city and 20+km on highway. With AC my Ertiga churns out 18+km average. I drive it to office everyday and still the fuel bill is half of what I used to spend on my Santro!

  9. Your 8 reasons to hate ertiga clearly tells why one should go for ertiga. Who would buy 8 cars when ertiga gives all these benefits. Compare the sales report of ertiga competitors.

  10. 8 reasons to go for ertiga

    Honda Jazz—————-petrol only, not seven seater, priced almost same
    Nissan Sunny————–not seven seater, priced almost same, less space
    Mercedes or Audi or BMW—totally different class, price and service cost too high
    Toyota Innova————-costs more, less mileage, uneasy city driving
    Mahindra Thar————-Poor ride comfort, less secured and featured
    Tata Winger—————different catergory, poor tata sales and service
    Mahindra XUV500———–costs more, poor sales and service
    New Ford Fiesta———–different category, costs almost same, not 7 seater

  11. Hi guys, completed 17K km. Happy, 19kpl in Mysore City on 1L of Diesel and 19kpl on highway with/without AC even running at 110-120kph! What else do you want? AC is fantastic.
    Which vehicle can carry 7 people from Mysore to Bangalore and return with AC on within 2h 30min @Rs 3/km? That works out to be Rs 425/- for the trip! Where as, a Volvo bus seat is Rs 275/- per person.

  12. I brought ertiga on 01 may 2012. Till date driven 23000 Km , from Mumbai to Delhi to jammu to Goa to jaisalmer to nasik. My reaction is, its a car that is worth every penny spent. No hard-feelings to competitors as it beats them hands down.

  13. Great Post Sushil.
    Pity some people cannot understand the sarcasm.
    If MUL needed an advertisement, they need look no further.
    however the car is still doing so well!!!

  14. I have my Ertiga (Diesel VDI) since FEB 2013 and quite happy with it. Its run 20500 till date.

    Mileage :it actually gives me 13.5 in Bangalore city and 16-17 on long drives. (I check my mileage on full tank to next full tank basis- this gives me the calculation accurately).

    Comfort factor – I am happy with 4-5 ppl travelling, but cannot compare for an Innova on the last row. It’s suitable for kids but even they feel claustrophobic on long drives.

    Suspension: Average / I cannot complain for the price.

    Power – It’s awesome! When there are only 2 people with average weight, / when the load is less.

    Top- Speed – I have touched 160 & engine unwavering. (with 3 people). Touching 80-120 is not that hard.

    If 6 elderly people are travelling on a long drive,
    • I have noticed power lag
    • You will have to compromise on luggage space until you install a roof carrier.

    Drive: Yes its comfortable both on city drive & Long drives.

    Still, Yes its a value for money. I have nothing too special about it, or i have any major complaint not to own one.

  15. Thanks for the comments Eric, Rohan, Prasad, Ravindra, Collin and Nishant. Sorry for the late reply. Just not been able to spend any time on this blog due to work pressures.

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