Evolution: Vehicle tail lamps moving upwards ?

I noticed this when the Ford Figo was announced – that vehicle tail lamps have now started the unstoppable climb upwards on vehicle backsides.  I am wondering when they will get replaced by a strip of lamps lining the roof. This seems predominantly on hatchbacks and some MPVs. Sedans still havent caught the bug it looks like.

Here are some examples of this evolution of tail lamps that are now at door handle and higher levels:

Have I missed some newly launched newly designed vehicle from this list ? do let me know.

2009 – Vehicle Color Popularity from PPG

PPG has released their findings on color popularity for 2009.

This is not as detailed as the data released by DuPont in their charts but can serve as a good reference. DuPont had the data down to a breakup for India as well. This is not available in the PPG press release.

Silver is still the most popular color the world over.  Here is a summary of the breakup for Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. (Click on the chart image below for a larger version)

2009-PPG Popular Vehicle Colors
2009-PPG Popular Vehicle Colors

Read the details of the PPG press release source here.

Here is my older post with data from 2000-2008 from the DuPont studies.