Talking Volkswagen Vento Newspaper Ad

The Chennai edition of the Hindu paper today has an innovative ad for the VW Vento that talked. Click here to view the video from a mobile phone recording of the message played in an endless loop..

Innovative – yes – but other than the initial shock of having a voice speak from your paper – the novelty wore off quick – there wasnt much details to the voice message other than usual marketing C$$$.

Am sure kids/parents/all will enjoy playing with the thingy in the paper till its battery runs out.

Vodafone India Promotion: Ride with Lewis Hamilton

Vodafone India is running a promotional campaign/contest for its subscribers to win a chance to ride with Lewis Hamilton in Chennai on September 17th.

There are two ways of participating  either through an SMS contest or through an online game. What are you waiting for – go check it out.

More details here: