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If you have a query about which car to buy please provide the following information with your question:

  • What is your monthly driving distance (please split by daily amounts and occasional long distance amounts) ?
  • How tall are you and how wide are you ? Driving comfort will depend on this.
  • How many people will travel regularly and max people you plan for (4 , 5 or more)
  • What are you looking for (Rank each from 1-10 – 10 being most important)
    • Performance and vehicle driveability
    • Exterior Looks
    • Luxurious Interiors and cutting edge features
    • Space for people/Luggage
    • Safety
    • Mileage
    • Particular brand preference ?
    • After sales experience and service costs

If you have any other query/suggestion for improving this site – please do mention it in this form below !

    5 thoughts on “Contact Sushil”

    1. By marketing I meant the marketing of this site. I do not have stats for your site but I guess it can be more popular as lot of times new buyers look for information. I also do know what are your reasons behind starting this blog. In any case more visitors will not hurt you

      You can do few things

      Have a list of companies with their cars/models on the sidebar. E.g if people are looking for Hyudai cars, they will click on Hyundai and get all information.

      Also you can have a link/column which says Ask the expert. People will ask you queries and you answer them. This suggestion will help you establish as an auto expert in the long run. Though there is this contact form but it does not induce people to write to you.

      Look for blogs which have similar content and leave lot of comments. This will bring visitors.

      The above are some thoughts which just crossed my mind…BTW I will be linking your Tata Xenon post in my tomorrow’s post.
      Adesh Sidhu

    2. can you pl ease advice me a car to be bought . i am looking for value for money ,mid size car between 3.5 – 5.5 lakh . Diesal or petrol still to decide . monthly 1200 – 1500 km . city – goa .basic feauters like power steering power windows ac is required . other feauters can be over looked . please advice petrol .diesal , which model prefebly .

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