Will the Hyundai Verna(Transform) replace the Accent ?

I plan to post some wild hunches of mine and check if they come true later.

This series starts with a hunch that Hyundai may phase out the Accent (Feb sales of around 1224) and replace it with the current Verna Transform (Feb 2011 sales 1241)(with the ugly nose rings) as their entry level sedan offering when they launch the new Verna (code name RB) sometime in the middle of this year. They may call it the Verna Executive :-).

The indications of this happenning will be discounts starting on the Verna and the Accent anytime soon. Why such a hunch – Ford has done this with putting their long time success story the Ikon to sleep and plan to move the Fiesta as the Fiesta Classic as their entry level sedan offering prior to launching the new Fiesta which can be branded as their more premium offering. I think it makes sense for Hyundai to do the same especially since the sales of the Accent are not worth mentioning. The Accent now looks very dated and has had no visual change in atleast 4 years and is lingering on.

Am I way off with this theory ? Do let me know…