Vehicle Sketch – #3 & 4 – Hindustan Ambassador CS & Concept

Caught up in the flurry of scoop photos of the Ambassador CS I drew these early this year:

HM – Ambassador CS

Below is an earlier attempt at a Ambassador Crossover Concept. Lots of space, agressive looks , performance and ground clearance. Have always had a soft corner for the Ambys & Landmasters – I really hope the new and refreshed Amby to come out sometime this year delivers on the looks, performance, features and price.

Amby Crossover Concept

Vehicle Sketch – #1 – Skoda Yeti

Very Happy (very late) New Year ! I apologize for not posting for months at a time. Have not been able to find time to write something meaningful and also have not been able to Test Drive any new vehicle.

I have however in the past couple of months renewed my interest in sketching cars and will post a couple from time to time here :-). Most have been done in pencil on a students notebook (with no other equipment). Only on scanning did I realize that the pressure I use results in the images ghosting on multiple pages. Newer sketches should not have this issue.

The first one I posthere is the one I did of the Skoda Yeti:

Skoda Yeti By Sushil @

Reference Photo