Maruti Suzuki Invents Time Travel

To be launched one hour before now ?
To be launched one hour before now ?

I eagerly checked the Maruti Ritz Website this morning for details of the launch. Was very happy to see the counter say coming soon  “8” minutes, then “5” minutes, then “3” , then finally it went into a negative countdown with the screenshot attached with this post.  See the smug looking smiley in the middle of the time ? That’s Maruti smirking at all the suckers hitting refresh on their browser windows waiting for the launch of the Ritz.

Not sure how I can travel back in time to see the launch. Maruti – just say it you have invented a time machine called the Ritz  !

7 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Invents Time Travel”

  1. Adesh – I’m no expert am just an enthusiast :-). Maruti is having enough fun at my expense already – I am an existing customer !
    I really like the looks of the Ritz. Seems to be well priced – was trying for a test drive tommorrow but my fav dealer says the test drive vehicle is not yet received. Will do a TD and post my comments. Spec wise/size wize it looks very close to the Swift. Good VFM. Dont plan on taking too much luggage in a Ritz tho.

  2. ICB – Thanks. I missed an even better opportunity of taking screenshots since the count happenned and then went in reverse. I actually saw time bend and flex but was so shocked I couldnt do anything. The smiley though unintentional was good I agree.

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