My Summer Fling

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Wifey if you are reading this I’m sorry you had to find out about it like this but you gave me no other choice. I wish you had not gone away for so long as this wouldn’t have happened. Come back home soon!

Work was annoying, I was bored and needing excitement in life after my wife and son had gone to her parents place in April for a month long break. The break had extended to a two month long break. Usual methods of immersing  myself in books, movies, painting, photography and net surfing were not successful in keeping my attention.

My friend Senthil was partly responsible for getting me into trouble. He showed me the ad on the net with her details and about her needing to meet someone with similar interests and passions. The moment I saw the ad I knew I would be in trouble if I went any further. My mind was working overtime and conjuring up images of what and how she would be like. Knowing fully well what I was getting into I quickly arranged for a meeting with her the very next day. I  didn’t breathe a word of this to anyone at home nor to my wife. I spent the rest of the day at work fantasizing and dreaming about my meeting with her.

Our meeting was to be on a Sunday morning at Ispahani center. I was not ready when the call came that she was to reach Ispahani in 10 minutes. On receiving the call I was ready in 5 minutes and reached there in 5 minutes. I noticed her driving in through the gates of Ispahani center while I was waiting to turn. She was really good looking in a very dignified and uncommonly attractive way and was drawing appreciative glances from many other men as well.  I managed to find a spot next to where she parked. I gave a big smile as I got out and went towards her.

I had never seen her before but I recognized her easily since she looked exactly like I had imagined. I got a good look at her for the first time. She looked much better than the tiny images in her advert. I knew from the ad that she was older than me by around 7 years.I didn’t know her name or any other details other than that she was originally from Chennai but had spent most of her recent past in Kerala and had finally come back to Chennai around a year ago. She seemed pretty calm and relaxed and didn’t seem to have any of the jitters I had.

She was currently with a guy called “J” and had been with him for over a year. Lets call her ‘K’ as that was her first name. 41 years old with a few expected wrinkles on her face but that didn’t detract from her looks. She was in extremely good shape for her age and anyone who saw her would think she was half her age. She obviously was taking good care of J and it looked like J was still in love with her. My first shock was that J was with her that morning and he wanted to first talk before we went any further. We  introduce ourselves and J suggests we take a trip to ECR where we would get some privacy on the fairly less congested roads to get to know each other better.

I was surprised by this turn of events, since all I was thinking was I would get to check her out, get to know her quickly and do what I have been waiting to do with her in some side street and then come back home like nothing happened. I agree quickly and we start off. J me and K. Only problem we had was J trying to drive out through the ‘In’ gate and was stopped by the security staff. They didn’t make too much of a fuss as they were ogling K.  K muttered something under her breath. On the way I hear the story of how they met and how J’s father and uncle had helped him hook up with K. I was amazed… did peoples dads and uncles help like this ? Wow ! J’s uncle even helped J pick out key upgrades to K’s wardrobe and accessories. She seemed totally cool about it.

On the way J showed me a copy of the legal document indicating his relationship with K. Though it was clear they were good together, it looked like they were tired of each other and wanted a change. J seemed to be wanting to get involved with his brothers mistress who was left behind when his brother went abroad. He said this openly in front of K. She didn’t even flinch on hearing it. I thought she has seen many such guys and is no longer surprised. What a family – phew !

I heard some stories of how they came to Chennai and of how J managed to overcome initial resistance of their landlord to having her in the flat with two other guys. Other chit chat also done we reach Thiruvanmiyur bus depot and get onto ECR. I was observing K and listening to her reactions to J’s inputs and orders along the way, she would never disagree but was never subservient to him, seemingly following instructions because of some need of hers to do so.

Finally we get clear of traffic and J feels it is a good place for me to get to know K better. I get to first touch her, feel her and know how she needs to be be touched before we go further. I practise with her for a little bit before venturing any further. My previous experience so far didn’t prepare me for the shock I was in to receive. She was in reality a bit too much for me to handle, a wildcat after lambs. She really did what she felt like regardless of what I told her to do. Keeping up with her was a challenge, one I had not had in any relationship especially my most recent committed relationship of the past 2 years since April 11, 2007.

She seemed very rough and instantly seemed to make everything else before her seem so smooth and soft. The sounds she made in reaction to what I was doing was also very exciting to hear, she would protest only when I was very slow. I felt a sort of need for her that that I have to date not experienced and therefore didn’t know existed. I had to get back home so I reluctantly stopped the fun I was having and returned home alone after taking some pictures of her basking in the sun.

I hope some day to add her or someone like her as my mistress provided my wifey doesn’t object. Before our wedding I had prepared my wife about the possibility I would have one wife and many mistresses, she seemed ok then and has been ok with my current two mistresses.  Maybe 3 is too much, since the question she asks is where will the newest mistress be kept. We don’t have room at home for more than 2 mistresses she says !

Hope you enjoyed reading about my summer fling with the Kaiser Jeep (‘K’) of my friend Joe (Joseph). She is a 1968 Jeep CJ3B short chassis 4×4, RHD.  I got to drive the Jeep for a little bit around 2 weeks ago and have been smitten hard and havn’t been able to look at any other vehicle since. In case you wondered about the date in April, that’s my wedding day to my Swift ;-). Now what is my real wedding date ? Uh-oh !

Here are some pictures of  K:

PS: I thought I would be able to fool/scare my wife and sent a versionof this in email. No scare at all – I get a “LOL” email back and it says that right from the first few words she knew it was about some vehicle !

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