“How To” Guide to Remove Sun Film From Your Car

Last Friday evening I posted some stats on sun film and what I felt was going on. I had managed to escape getting caught by the cops for a whole week and was a bit cocky because of it. I needed to go out a couple of times on Saturday and each time, I saw people get caught for sun film. I even had to take a side road to avoid going through a standard police check post – why invite trouble I thought.

By then I had decided that I was going to get the film removed. Had checked with a local accessory shop who quoted 350 on May 20th. I go in  to check if they would work on my car that evening, when the same guy without batting an eyelid said the price is now Rs 500! Says labor rates have gone up since they have no further hope of employment since the ban. They were doing the equivalent of a slash and burn farming – in this case more like rip and scrape ! I scooted from there resolute that I would not pay them a single paisa!

I worked on one car that evening starting at around 6:45 PM and finishing at 8 PM (some items left unfinished were rear quarter glass film removal and some cleanup of remnants of film stuck between glass and rubber beading. I woke up at 6 and finished some of the cleanup but couldn’t proceed further as my parents needed to use that car.

Worked on the other car starting at 8:15 AM and finished around 10 AM – this was including all the quarter glass film removal as well.   Then spent another 20 minutes removing the quarter glass sun film from the first car.

My Swift after film removal


Money saved: Rs 1000 (going by the accessory shop quoted Rs 500 per car).

For those that want to attempt a DIY here are the steps I followed with the items required in a FREE downloadable PDF: How To Remove Sun Film


Hope you found the steps useful. If you have any suggestions for improving this “How To” please reach Zimbly Cars here: http://cars.zimbly.com/contact-carszimbly/

Have you removed the sun film yet ?  Do let me know !

4 thoughts on ““How To” Guide to Remove Sun Film From Your Car”

  1. Nice stuff, looks like they are strict in some places. With the court opening next week, we can hope for a reversal of this ban.

    1. @Faisal – yes there will be an appeal and some sort of rollback. However it is difficult to drive around with the worry of getting stopped by the cops somewhere in the city. And as luck will have it – it will be when you are in a hurry for soemthing.

  2. Your post is both, informative as well as helpful. More interestingly you’ve even provided a pdf download. Super stuff mate!

    Sun film banned – Now there’s something we were oblivious of. Goes without saying this ruling will have its share of negativity within the car modification parts in India. The sun film banned fiasco hasn’t yet hit Pune though. Wonder what they will think of next?
    For now we’ll bask in the shady glory of our yet-to-be banned sun films, thank you very much.

    Once again, a nice informative site, Cheers.

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