What to do – You are driving and hear a siren ?

This is one of the first of a series I hope to write covering some tips and tricks useful in general city traffic and driving  building in a flavour of road safety.

Situation: You hear a siren while driving a car/two wheeler. What should you do ? Click on the image below for a flowchart on how to go about this.

What to do when you hear a siren while driving


Key Do’s:

  • Switch off the music if playing in your vehicle and immediately determine the location of the siren.
  • Safely and quickly do what is necessary to enable speedy movement of the vehicle to its destination

Key Don’ts:

  • Block the vehicles progress
  • Chase after the vehicle after it has passed to utilize its pathway to make good time.


A Request:

Please provide your inputs / suggestions on similar issues / items to write about.

Please share this to your friends and lets do our bit to drive safely while fully aware of rules and regulations – hope we can be the change !

5 thoughts on “What to do – You are driving and hear a siren ?”

  1. Simply move out of the way and prevent the vehicle from any sort of delay. Most people tend to do it, but trucks and buses are immune to it.

  2. As a driver you are responsible for understanding your surroundings. Never listen to music too loudly so that you can’t hear approaching emergency vehicles. The more time that you have to move out of their way, the better.

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