My Driving Resolutions for 2010

I usually do not make New Year resolutions. However this year I wanted to do things a bit differently and spent some thought on what I would try to follow as my driving resolutions for the year. Here they are:

  • To follow rules of the road & maintain speed limits
  • To use indicators while changing lanes always
  • To check all directions before turning /changing lanes 
  • To allow every “horny” and “flashy” driver behind to pass me when safe to do so
  • To not take it personally when cut off by rude drivers/bikers etc.
  • To drive defensively by staying alert, calm and composed on the road
  • To use the horn only when absolutely necessary ( reducing this has reduced my stress and made me a more careful driver)
  • To stretch every drop of fuel as much as possible – for our future generations
  • To limiting taking off from signals to once in a long while
  • To take public transport/company bus whenerver possible

Wish you all a great New Year and years to come – filled with the best of affordable vehicles, good roads, well behaved traffic and low fuel prices !

It sounds too good to be true – but just takes one person at a time to follow the rules and make the roads better –  that one person is you ! What are your new year resolutions ? Please let us know through comments.

3 thoughts on “My Driving Resolutions for 2010”

  1. Those are some resolutions there. I think the horn one is a little difficult to follow considering we in India thrive on the horn for safety and everything else.

    1. Actually it is very easy – one learns to be calmer – quieter and zen like – knowing that even if you honk finally it is you that has to avoid the other vehicle most of the time. Of course if I need I honk – but have reduced the honking to a bare minimum. I am feeling much calmer and peaceful as well :-). I drive slower and take a lot of care also.

  2. Excellent set of resolutions Sushil. I could adopt this myself. You are right on those who honk behind or try to set up a race. If you ignore them and allow them to pass, it will definitely reduce your BP and it might even reduce his thrill levels that he himself tames down.

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