Handmade Jewelry Classes in Chennai at Kalpataru

A small announcement 🙂

I’m going to be teaching basic handmade jewelry classes starting this July.

Why Should I take the Class?

Most women, like matching their jewelry to their clothes and I am like that too. Earrings are my favorites because they’re so easy to switch around and are more comfortable to wear and are versatile too.What does a jewellery class have to do with that? If you buy your costume jewelry from big brand shops/malls, a pair of earrings would cost you 250Rs roughly! Imagine what a whole wardrobe full of earrings will do to your wallet!!
If you learn to make your own jewellery, you could make earrings to go with each dress and what more – you could probably sell your handmade jewellery creations too!

About Kalpataru

Kalpataru- the Hobby Center, is a hobby haven for people of all age groups to pursue various arts, crafts & life skills. The centre is located on ECR and is a treat for the eyes with its lush greenery. Toddlers, students, home makers, professionals & senior citizens are welcome to participate in a creative getaway from the hustle of daily life.

What’s in the Class?

In the basic earrings class, you will learn how to make different types of drop earrings using glass beads, metal beads, bead caps, and crystals. In the basic bracelet class, you will learn how to make a single strand beaded bracelet, a linked bead bracelet and a multi-strand beaded bracelet.
Beads will be provided for each class!

Note: I am not teaching kundan or traditional styled jewellery. The earrings and bracelets are of a contemporary style.

When are the classes?

Date(s): 9th and 16th July
Time: 10AM-12PM
Age Group: Above 15 yrs (small beads and wire should not be given to kids, so the age group restriction!)

Where is Kalpataru?

4/222, East Coast Road,
Chennai- 600 041

How can I register for the class or find out more info?

Register online at: http://www.kalpataruchennai.com/hobby_registrations/new

Email: kalpataru.chennai@gmail.com
Seema Sanghi +91 96000 37773
Meenu Sarin +91 98845 62616

For more details, check out my page at Kalpataru: http://www.kalpataruchennai.com

Bead Table Wednesday 4 May 2011

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Hello there! Happy Wednesday!
I’m really thrilled that I remembered to take pictures for my second Bead Table Wednesday
This week, on my bed (I do most of my jewelry making on my bed as I mentioned in my previous post)- there are some blades, some play-dough, grid paper, rollers and some completed pendants.

The paper with the grid is one of my newest finds. I got the idea from the Crafty Goat website- from this post on how to make perfect squares of polymer clay.Basically, you use a grid outlined with a Sharpie as a guide to cut your clay into perfect squares or rectangles for pendant projects. This way you can get many pendants of the exact same size! Isn’t that a lovely tip?

My work surface
My work surface- with a roller, play dough, a blade and grid paper

I started making swirly pendants from epoxy putty on Saturday. All my grand plans of buying more beads and supplies on the weekend flew out of the window as I managed to fall sick with the flu. Right now it looks like pendant week on Craftzy!

My favorite swirly pendant
My favorite swirly pendant

So let’s see – this one’s my favorite cos it’s probably the one with the most defined swirlies. I am not going to paint it as I feel it’s pretty as it is. I somehow like the grayish white look of the putty when it hardens. (I would love to imagine it as some kind of ceramic or marble!).

Epoxy pendant with an angled stripe design
Epoxy pendant with an angled stripe design
More epoxy pendants that I made
More epoxy pendants that I made

I made 3 other pendants and I am planning to paint these with Pebeo Acrylic paints and am considering giving them a gloss coat too sometime…

Practice pendant that I made from play dough
Practice pendant that I made from play dough

By the way, I had mentioned play-dough being on my work surface today (no, I didn’t flick it from my nephew!). I use it to practice my pendant designs and other ideas that I want to try without messing up my epoxy compound. The texture is smoother on the epoxy and the play dough is more squishy and delicate but I like to practice this way all the same.

How about you, what’s on your Bead Table?