Learn how to make silk jewelry

This is your opportunity to learn how to make silk jewelry – that too in namma Chennai!

Silk Thread Jewelry
Silk Thread Jewelry

DakshinaChitra is conducting a workshop on silk thread jewelry making on Saturday, June 11. At this workshop, you will learn how to make bangles, anklets and earrings.

The cost of the workshop is Rs. 650 and includes supplies. Conveyance to and from Dakshinachitra will be provided.

Note: The registration is on first come first serve basis- so you better hurry if you want a spot!

The Hindu newspaper has the article on how to Get Creative.


Dakshinchitra Heritage Centre
East Coast Road
Workshop Fees:  

Rs 650/- per person

For more details call: 24462435

0 thoughts on “Learn how to make silk jewelry”

  1. Hi Sarah! I have used plastic bangles as the base. You can get silk thread in just about any thread shop. I roll will cost around 10 bucks & will last you AGES. If you’re using silk thread, please use fevicol, if you’re using cotton thread, use fevibond.

    Nice to meet a fellow jewellery-making enthusiast from Chennai! I’ve just started exploring your blog & I like it a lot!

  2. @Pookhie Thanks for the help! I will try getting the silk thread soon 🙂
    I am so thrilled I found your blog and I am happy to know that you liked mine!

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