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We are a “Software Factory” with just the essentials – we skipped the vowels to be “Sftwr Fctry“.

Our core is the MVP approach to building only what is needed to demonstrate an idea or concept: 

Solution Ideation/Business Consulting

You have a problem statement but don’t know how to create a solution for it ?  We help you define your business requirements. No project is too big and no project is too small.

Solution Wireframing

Develop Wireframes for your solution for web or mobile devices to think through how things look like and with a shorter turn around than a prototype.

Estimation Review

Got an estimate from a developer or consulting firm and want a review of the estimate ? We can do that.

POC/MVP/Full Solution Development

You have an idea but don’t have the coding skills to develop the demo ? We develop the prototypes to showcase your vision for validation /develop a full fledged solution.


Not sure how your pitch presentations/brochures or other materials need to be worded ? We help you get started with editing support or create content as needed.

RFI/RFP Process

Need help with developing an RFI/RFP to send to vendors for information/quotations for your software startup ?

Startup registration

Want to register a Software Startup but don’t know how ?