Linchpin: Are you indispensable ? by Seth Godin

“Are you indispensable ?” Asks Seth Godin.

Though published first in 2011 this book is still relevant today and encourages readers to re-evaluate their outlook on working (and on being an employee).

Should one worry about job security and having a job ? Godin advises to focus on going far away from the rest of the herd through seeing work as a chance to create art. Art was traditionally seen as something an “artist” creates, but this mindset gives everyone a chance to see their work as a way of art and opportunity to bring in their special touch which helps in not becoming yet another nameless faceless employee ID.

Seek to become a linchpin of the wheel and not be yet another cog in the wheel. Are advanced formal degrees required – no just need to be aware of opportunities and to take them.

Who should read it ? Anyone working but will benefit those starting out in their work life the most. This mindset will help them through their entire career whether it be in a corporate or a factory or a shop.

Below is an affiliate link to Amazon to buy the book (it comes with a discount as well) . I definitely recommend reading it.