This is the third time I restarted blogging. First one was with Blogger, then a car only focused Zimbly Cars and this attempt to cover more than just cars. This is a pure and pure interest and hobby based blog and has nothing to do with my work.

My interests are across the following in no specific order :

  • Sketching/ Painting
  • Fitness (Gym – weight based)
  • Cycling (mostly road and started on endurance)
  • Cars (full size vehicles reviews, test drives and scale models)
  • Reading (Fiction and non fiction)
  • Photography (preference for food, macro and vehicles) – check out my instagram @sjcherian
  • Software development and continuous learning of new Tech
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Public speaking
  • Cuisine (Restaurants and also selections of pickles, cheese, ice cream , chocolate, fizzy drinks, coffee)
  • Stocks and Investments
  • Movies (Action and adventure)
  • 4×4 Off roading
  • Travelling

Hope to give a sampling across the above interests from my point of view and life stage. Hope to also give relevant links to the products and services I find useful.