A Kick in the Pants

The past couple of weeks have been both good and blehh for me…My creativity was at an all time high in April and is still going good…I was able to get this blog up and running with the help of my brother and my friends.

So what all have I been trying to do in April?

  • Making something every weekend– I actually want this to change to a fixed goal of making something 2 days a week. I’ve kept up with this goal for the past 4 weeks.  Some days I have experimented with new materials, some days I’ve just jumped directly into making earrings but so far it’s been good. I’ve made about 35 pairs of earrings and 2 bracelets – Will post more pics soon!
  • Completing my business plan – I had promised my friend that I would send him my business plan for review, but as of now it’s still in progress – I think I enjoy creating more than planning 😛
  • Introducing myself to other jewelry makers– So, I’ve recently introduced myself to Tara of Art at Zazuta. She makes gorgeous jewelry and hand painted pendants that I’m totally smitten by! I wonder why I never chanced on her blog till now! Silly me! There are more jewelry makers, whose work I adore but I’m too chicken to actually go out there and admire them. I would love to do more guest interviews…Bah! I’m trying to change that…still working on it folks…
  • Blogging again – It’s very strange that though I am a writer by profession, I can never seem to find anything to write about here! I post photos of my jewelery on Facebook, so that’s done. Otherwise, I just post links to designs I’ve created on other sites like www.Sheyna.com on my FB wall. Most of my posts start all fired up and end up rotting as old maids in my Drafts folder or being Trashed anyway! I need a real kick in the pants to start writing again – so I have signed up for a Free 5-Day Blogging E-Course for Crafters by the Sunday Afternoon Housewife! You can also sign up here.
  • Creating a solid brand identity– Sigh! this one is the most elusive on my list. My problem is that I like too many things and have too many styles. I haven’t yet settled on a logo or colors for my brand 🙁 I’ve been driving myself up the wall about it. I need to decide soon.
  • Taking better photographs – You would think that a M.A.Communication student could handle a simple point and shoot camera better, wouldn’t you. Err- this one apparently can’t! After tons of requests for better photos and thermocol backgrounds – I’ve finally succumbed to taking pictures on weekends with the necessary setup. Your wait is over! I’ve ordered for a lamp to light up my pictures better.(Right now I’ve been taking them at noon or early morning in my front porch.)
  • Spreading the word about Craftzy– I recently came across the Handmadeology website (which rightly deserves an entire blog post for itself!). I decided to submit this blog to their blog directory and I’ve been getting good traffic as a result. You can submit your crafts blog to their handmade blog directory too, right here.

What have you been up to this month?

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    1. Hi Martha,
      I should thank you actually!! I love the e-course so far (I’m on Day 3) and I will be putting up the posts soon. I was at a real dead end when it came to my blog and you have gotten rid of that for me!!
      Thank you 🙂

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