0 thoughts on “Handmade Earrings and a Ring”

  1. Oh my god… The silver bead is soooo cute… I like tham!!! Have u sold it yet? If its no… then keep it for me!!
    Btw how did u get that metal thingie in the last pair of earrings? Good ones!!!

  2. Hey Tomato,
    Glad you like my earrings…err,the bead that looks like silver is actually a light dull golden color(from Ranchi)…Unfortunately it’s been sold…I can make you new ones though…Any specific color orders??
    Which Metal “thingie” are you referring to by the way??

  3. @Deepa Sekar
    hmm..I don’t know- am sure Parry’s Corner will have something…I tried asking around in T Nagar and they din’t know what I was talking about…

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